Photos of First World War Trench Network

Hooge Trench
Hooge Trench

This is what remains of the Hooge Chateau trench network a few kilometres outside Ypres/Ieper.

The trench is in the grounds of the Hotel Kasteelhof’t Hooghe.

According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the chateau and its stables were the scene of fierce fighting throughout the First World War.

Hotel Kasteelhof’t Hooghe (Hotel's photo)
Hotel Kasteelhof’t Hooghe (Hotel’s photo)

The staff of the 1st and 2nd Divisions were wiped out when the chateau was shelled on October 31, 1914.

From May 24 to June 3, 1915, the chateau was defended against German attacks and in July 1915, the crater was made by a mine sprung by the 3rd Division.

Shells uncovered near the trench network.
Shells uncovered near the trench network.

On July 30, the Germans took the chateau, and on August 9, it and the crater were regained by the 6th Division.

Trench at Hooge
Trench at Hooge

The Germans retook Hooge on June 6, 1916 and on July 31, 1917, the 8th Division advanced 1.6km beyond it. It was lost for the last time in April 1918, but regained by the 9th (Scottish) and 29th Divisions on September 28.

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