Farewell Leicester Square

Farewell-Leicester-Square1 - CopyIn the dying months of the Third Reich a fanatical alliance of SS officers and industrialists plans one final incredible mission to win the war.
They mastermind an ingenious plot to destroy London and force Britain to its knees.
But there is a spy among them.
And while the clock ticks down, a deadly race for survival takes place which could decide the fate of thousands of lives.
The action in this fast-paced novel switches from occupied Jersey to the lives of SOE and Resistance fighters in Belgium.
Intriguingly, it opens in London in 2005, as a terror attack on the city makes sickening headlines around the world.
A riveting thriller in the tradition of Jack Higgins and Alistair MacLean.




“One of the best books I have ever read. And that is not said lightly. I am a fan of all historical fiction especially WWII. The attention to detail was remarkable.”

Superb thriller. I downloaded this book because of the five star review it got and because I love WWII films and books. The book starts in the modern day but soon goes back to WWII and sets up an interesting character who escapes Jersey before the island is occupied by the Nazis. I didn’t know where the story was going and it really zipped along once the main mission started. Lots of action and intrigue. Loved it and well worth a read.”

A great tale of WW2 daring, intrigue and heroism told in a gripping way. Well researched and I’m sure based on detailed gleaned from true stories of the people who risked their lives to help other. Recommend.”

Captivating from beginning to end. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Full of intrigue and some shocks along the way. Historical wartime descriptions are incredibly accurate and deftly pull you into the story. It’s almost as if you’re there. Looking forward to the next one by Mr Kilkade.”

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in World War 2 and fiction.”

The story keeps the reader wanting to find out what will happen next. The period atmosphere was also very helpful to one who was a youngster growing up at that time.”

Superb. I loved this novel for so many reasons – believable characters, excellent research and an exciting plotline. I was caught in the storytellers trap from beginning to end.
If you like history and true to life characters and a smashing plot, this is the book for you.”

A good enjoyable read. Kept me captivated from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone who would like a good story.”

Excellent thriller. It’s well researched – lots of stuff about SOE and the resistance. It’s got a fast plot and lots of action and builds to a very exciting climax over London. I loved it.”

Thoroughly enjoyable read. Captivates the readers imagination. A very well written second world war experience. Can’t wait for Jon Kilkade’s next novel.”

…and this is from someone who sort of likes it…!

An almost excellent read. If you enjoyed the TV series “Secret Army” and “Kessler” then this book has the same feel about it. The only reason I marked it less than 5 stars is because I found the link between past and present a bit too awkward, so much so that a few chapters in I wondered if I’d downloaded parts of different books. That being said, it’s a good story well told and it’s certainly value for money.”

Farewell Leicester Square (paperback edition)
Farewell Leicester Square (paperback edition)
Farewell Leicester Square (E-edition)
Farewell Leicester Square


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