Pictures from the Hooge Cemetery, Ypres (WW1)

Hooge Crater Cemetery
Hooge Crater Cemetery

I recently visited the Hooge Crater Cemetery just east of Ypres/Ieper.

Almost 6,000 Commonwealth servicemen of the First World War are buried or commemorated in this cemetery – with more than 3,500 of the burials unidentified.

Graves marked as mass burials.
Graves marked as mass burials.

Special memorials record the names of a number of casualties either known or believed to be buried among them, or whose graves in other cemeteries were destroyed by shell fire.

The cemetery was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and is situated near the site of the Hooge Chateau.

Hooge, near Ypres.
Hooge, near Ypres.

The chateau and its stables were the scene of fierce fighting throughout the First World War.

I will post more about the trench network still visible in the chateau grounds tomorrow.

Two graves.
Two graves.

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