Some Extras

A bibliography of titles used in the research of ‘Farewell Leicester Square’:

For essential information on the Nazi’s chemical weapons programmes:

 A Higher Form Of Killing by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman

The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben by Joseph Borkin

German Secret Weapons of the Second World War by Ian V Hogg

For life in Nazi Germany:

History of the SS by GS Graber

Inside Nazi Germany by Detlev JK Peukert

Bomber by Len Deighton

The Berlin Diaries 1940-1945 by Marie ‘Missie’ Vassiltchikov

For Soviet spies in Nazi-occupied Europe, other resistance groups and life under occupation:

The Red Orchestra by VE Tarrant

The White Rabbit by Bruce Marshall

Behind The Lines by Russell Miller

Maquis by George Millar

SOE in the Low Countries by MRD Foot

I read many excellent sources on life on the Channel Islands during the war, including:

Jersey Under The Jackboot by RCF Maugham CBE

A Doctor’s Occupation by John Lewis

The website of the Jersey Heritage Trust contains some wonderful resources for the researcher, including:

Night and Fog by Peter Hassall, who attempted to escape from Jersey during the Occupation and ended up surviving a concentration camp

The Ultimate Sacrifice by Paul Saunders, a tribute to 20 brave islanders who died standing up to the Nazi Occupation.


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