June 1942 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

VP-41 enroute to Kiska to support a fleet bombardment


The Japanese Second Mobile Force retired to cruise a support area about 400 miles south of Kiska.  On the second day of attack on Dutch Harbor, two occupation forces moved up to positions from which they could run their objectives.  The first was the Adak-Attu Occupation Force and the second, the Kiska Occupation Force.  As a result of the defeat at Midway [to be dealt with after this preliminary Alaska situation], the Adak occupation was canceled and the Adak-Attu Force was directed to only seize Attu, where a battalion of Army troops went ashore about 0300 hours, 7 June.  The Kiska Force landed a battalion from their Navy at Reynard Cove at 1500 hours, 6 June.


Due to the weather and the attention given to the attacks on Dutch Harbor, US air reconnaissance did not discover that the occupation of Kiska and Attu was taking place until 4 days…

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