Remembering a rising star of Formula One

Fans of Formula One and the film ‘Rush’ might have heard of Tom Pryce – but many others may not.

He was a rising star of the Grand Prix circuit in the 1970s but he was to lose his life in a freak accident at the South African Grand Prix in 1977.

Tom Pryce
Tom Pryce

The circumstances of the accident remain one of the most shocking in motor racing history.

Tom was cresting a rise at Kyalami and was unable to dodge a teenage marshal running across the track to attend a small fire in another car.

Jansen van Vuuren, the 19-year-old marshal, was hit at 170mph by Tom’s car and was killed instantly.

The fire extinguisher he was carrying smashed into Tom’s head wrenching his helmet up and sharply cutting him with the strap. Death for him was almost certainly instantaneous too.

The photographs on this page show the memorial to Tom Pryce in his home town of Ruthin, North Wales.


You can read more about his life and death here.

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