A selection of Jon Kilkade’s non-fiction. Written as Greg Lewis.


A Bullet Saved My Life
A Bullet Saved My Life

The biography of Bob Peters, a Welshman who joined the Canadian Mac-Pap battalion and was wounded at Brunete.

“Book of the week” Morning Star

“An excellent work” Antonio Diez, Brigastas de Gales

“A book that is full of small insights into the absurdities of war.”

Published by Warren & Pell.

*** Only a limited edition of this paperback are now available. Price £10 including p&p – please email greg_lewis [at]



I Fought Them All
I Fought Them All


Irishman Tom Sharkey was the never-say-die fighter who challenged for the world title in the 1890s.

I Fought Them All prints the fact and the legend, and is chocked full of the rich characters who dominated the sport and politics of the period, from Jim Jeffries and gentleman Jim Corbett to Wild West gunman Wyatt Earp. It is the story of an Irish immigrant, a sporting celebrity who won and lost a fortune, and of a man described by the New York Times as a “ring immortal”.

“Hugely entertaining and exquisitely researched… It’s a great contribution to ring history.” Pete Ehrmann, boxing writer, contributor to The Ring

I Fought Them All is an excellent read. It’s well-researched and is good news for boxing fans everywhere.” Tracy Callis, boxing historian, IBRO

 “At its heart is the astonishing 50-year rivalry and friendship between Sharkey and Jim Jeffries, which started after their 25-round world title fight at Coney Island and lasted until the two men died a few weeks apart in 1953.” Boxing Ireland

“…it emits quality from the first opening crack of the hardcover until its final satisfying closing.” Marty Mulcahey, Max Boxing

“…A fascinating story… Very well-researched piece of work with many anecdotal gems… I thoroughly recommend this book.” Glenn Wilson

***SOLD OUT in hardback. Currently only available as an e-book



The Death of Justice
The Death of Justice


This is the inside story of a murder investigation revealed by one of the men wrongly jailed for more than a decade. The violent crime shocked a nation – and the miscarriage of justice which followed sent shock waves through the British legal system. Written with Michael O’Brien.

* Published by Y Lolfa in paperback and as an e-book.

“Explosive”    Irish Post

 “An extraordinary, shocking and moving tale that climaxes in the triumph of the ordinary man against an incompetent and complacent Hydra-headed monster of society.”   Western Mail

“Important”   The Guardian

“[This] book is not for the faint-hearted… But without doubt it is a book that should be read, for if anything good is to come out of the tale of O’Brien’s incarceration, it is how the man himself has survived his horrendous battle through the highest courts to win his freedom.”    Norma Penfold, Books Council

“A no holds barred account of the eleven years (O’Brien) spent in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.”   Arts Council of Wales

“A tale of miscarriage of justice, of a young man from a poor family who, against all the odds, overturned an indictment for murder – it sounds like a good storyline for a film… But The Death of Justice is no fantasy. It is a first-hand account of a decade-long struggle by a Cardiff man who fought tenaciously to overturn a murder conviction.”   Lila Haines, Planet – The Welsh Internationalist




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